Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Printed this Cover Did not Design it myself. Wanted to get the plastic cover on it so needed to have a flat over.

I pinned all my printout so you can find them!
If you wanna follow my progress check me out on Tumblr for that Chapter of my Life


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  1. wow, very inspiring! your NO list is so strict, what do you eat? i have health problems that make my eating healthy so hard! good luck, looks lie you are doing great!

    1. THe No list is only for 30days for the Whole30 CHallenge I am on Day 9 its going good :) Feels so diffrent then a diet becuase you know its only 30 days and it literally is you challenging yourself to stick to it for 30days.

      IF you want to see what I eat check out my Tumblr keeping a Daily Food Log over there. http://designsbyleti.tumblr.com/
      Also if you think you want to try the whole30 you can find out more at whole9life.com

      I own the book It Stats with Food on Nook if you have one it is Lendable. In they book they talk about how to eat with different Health Issues etc. Really what i learned in my 9days is thats a WHOLE LOT I CAN EAT. Besides missing out on Rice It mostly thing I would eat anyhow just with small modifications, like coconut milk in place of dairy products etc.