Friday, December 7, 2012
Dec Daily Day 6 - Sake

Sake news I say more. Lol

Dec Daily Day 5 - UCI

Flower is a Jolee flower I got as a gift from a friend.

Dec Daily Day 4 - Our Fav Foods

Day four Made a list of some of our favorite foods. Dressed up with some recollection stickers from Michaels

Monday, December 3, 2012
December Daily Day 2 - Trim the Tree

I really loved these Images The Tree one I got out of a Communication Arts Magazine (u will hear this alot I have two boxes of these they r the best) The Creating from the heart was from an Old Scrapbook Convention Ad. 
I thought this was a great place to add these two in.
Right now I think they speak for themselves So I am not sure if I will add anything else to these pages.

And here is the back of the Tree Add. I added on some Journaling and a Few MAMBIE Embellishments.

Reads:  Today we trimmed the Tree. We put up the 1st fake tree since we moved to California. Things just didn't seem he same without going to pick out our own real tree. It took alot of coaching to gt the kids to participate. We need to figure out a new way to get everyone in the Spirit. I felt pretty sad most of the time. It really just doesn;t feel like Christmas time to m e right now. Christina went home from the Hospital today so I am very thankful for that... LE

Our Tree & I have some unfinished Business So I took a picture  but decided I was going to save that for an other day...
December Daily Day 1 - Making A List

For the first day, I decided to Start with where any Event should Start...
With making a List. Of course every book should feature my 3 Babies so I proudly added some silly face pics of them to the front.
Of course everybook should feature my 3 Babies so I proudly added some silly face pics of them to page one.

On the left page I split my list into Important Dates or Possible Dates. I used pencil because things will change. But I did use pen for the things that wont. Then on the right side I listed To Do Items.
The Little Calender on the bottom is a free printable you can get from Heidi Swapp's site.

On the other page are my kids top 5 list. I gave them these cards and asked them to fill them out.
Used some Martha Stewart Twine.

Some left over rub-ons from a few years ago. (Making Christmas Ornaments)
And some generic brand Present Stickers.