Thursday, March 22, 2007
Starting The day Sore!

I am so tired today ick. Yesterday i went for two walks. And stayed moving because i am really trying to lose some weight before summer comes along. And before my brother visits. Well then we had open house at the kids school the whole time. So now this morning my legs are a little sore. But I will manage :P I didn't do a layout yesterday. No time, but I did start to clean my area up a little. It is trashed after last weekends crop at Scrap The Moment. I really need to dedicate sometime to that before I Scrap. I have a stack of layouts that need to be put in Albums. loads of paper scraps all over the place. And a 5inch stack of stuff that needs to go back in the binders. I only have room on my desk to type and i can barely do that. I will feel alot better and able to function once its clean lol. Ok with that said. I did not win Guest Design Team but i knew i wouldn't so no shock. I like the challenge and like they say " you have to enter to win" So i will try again next month, and after that and after that. And maybe someday i will get a spot somewhere and that will be super awesome. Here is the Layout I entered.
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
no image

This is the first time i have ever did this. I was encouraged by friends of course. I am still pretty new to the board, but i wanted to do the challenge and once it was done i figured might as well enter right. The talent is WOW so amazing. here is a link to the gallery where u can see my layout. And check out the other ladies who have entered you will not be disappointed.
Monday, March 19, 2007

Messing around with stuff I accidentally deleted All my POST. AHHHHH

Oh well what is a girl to do now but to start fresh right?

I think I like the look of the new blog. So I am officially calling myself Hybrid Scrapper. It started when Hummie called me that one day. And I guess it stuck with me. I am so excited to be able to have time for scrapbooking again. Its so much fun. And its me time. Last week I stumbled across a blog called pub calls and it list all types of contest and stuff its super cool. I am adding it to my links of course. While from there i found an other site called. Scrap The Moments. Which is a Message Board for scrappers. And so i joined and it just so happen they had a crop this weekend. And it was a BLAST. I haven’t had that much fun scrapbooking in a long time. The Best thing was they welcomed me in with open arms. Made some awesome comments about my layouts. And I even Won a Prize. Isn't that so cool. Oh and let me not to forget to mention i got so many layouts done. It was freaking insane. So with all that said :P These are my favorite ones from the weekend. I also updated my thumbnails up top to show my most recent ones from the weekend!