Monday, November 26, 2012
So recently I decided to get into this whole Smash or Journal thing.
I fell in love. At first I was thinking I would just record things as I take pictures, so I have notes and little things I save all in one place for when I scrap later.

Then I started making mini layouts on pages, adding stuff and most importantly getting things DONE. Like I was doing it and it was easy, I didn't have to say ok I am going to make a page now. Nope it just happend and became routine and easy. I was enjoying crafting again. I was slowly finding JOY again.

2012 has been a very hard year. In Sept I lost my dad, followed by a motorcycle accident my orther was in (broken leg only thank god), than a week after the service my mom had a TIA (mini stroke)  and the story continues on like that. Thanks to all my good friends and family hleping me get through this all.

Most importantly thanks to my long time friend I met online (in person once) Chris P who always encourages me, picks up my slack when I am just not bring a good friend, loves me as I am. And kicks my butt to stay putting time aside to craft or just enjoy some creative me time. And for suggesting smashbooking/journaling or whatever it was u said that made me pick up that dam book and alter it and get started.



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