Tuesday, December 21, 2010
My 4th Grader, Had to do a Report-Project on a California Native American Tribe of his Choice.
So after a lil research we decided to go with the Cupeno's. Yes I helped him create a Paper Bag Album. His Second Dad (we don't believe in steps lol) bought him a Map also that he could point at during his presentation. He did do alot of this project himself. Most of my help was actually in the research, helping him find the info, print it, highlight the stuff he needed to included etc. I think i was the one who winded up knowing way more about Native Americans in California then he did. It sure did feel like Homework for me, but i did enjoy helping him. On the Paper Bag Album, I put the Album together w/ background papers, glued the stick and feathers he collected from a park. And he did the rest. I did help him organize his items, to make sure he got the right info with the right photos. Oh and of course i provided the supplies. So at last here is his Project :0)


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