Thursday, January 6, 2011
Over at Let's Scrap there was a challenge to created a layout of one of your Countries Past Times. Of course i am American born but i am Puerto Rican and we luv some Dominoes so that what i did my layout on. I was not able to print my photos and the two cards i made with the rules and language but i put in  white boxes. i will updated it when the printer stops acting stupid lol. I am so glad i got this done. I had a crazy week getting back to work after the Holidays! And getting the kids back to school and we had something every day after school or work this week. Even tonight. But by maintaining my creative goal of finding a lil creative time daily, i did get this done. So i am SO SO SO happy. And thankful to Lets Scrap for the Challenge. Of course i used one of there amazing two page sketch's as well.

Materials are from the Grafton Line of Scenic Route. I LUV this LINE you will see alot of it in my Cultural Stuff it fits so well. I also used Heidi Swap transparent Letters for my title.

title close up

Challenge Entries:

Let's Scrap ; Your Countries Past Time


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  1. Leti, I really like your layout!!

    I LOVE dominoes!! I live in Kentucky now, but I used to live in Las Vegas, which is where my daddy still lives (I am california born though!). Before I moved here, every sunday my daddy and I would go fishing. But, there were some days that we couldn't go because either I was too ill with my health issues, or he was too ill with his. So, we would stay home and play dominoes!! Even if we DID go fishing, we would still play dominoes while at the lake. We would either play at the docks on a picnic table or we would play on the blanket when we got out of the boat in a cove. Dominoes is so fun, and can be very challenging.

    I really like how you used the clear letters. Did you know, you can 'paint' the BACK of the letters with any type of acrylic paint (bought at any craft store, or walmart for $1.96) and then you can add white (or any other color) of paper behind the letters. It is a really cool technique and the end results are awesome. especially if you mix the colors. You basically just 'daub' the paint on the letters (not paint it with strokes or a brush). it's cool! Here is a link for you to watch the technique. :)
    Hope you enjoy!!

    Great Layout by the way. I can't wait to see it when it's done!