Monday, March 19, 2007

Messing around with stuff I accidentally deleted All my POST. AHHHHH

Oh well what is a girl to do now but to start fresh right?

I think I like the look of the new blog. So I am officially calling myself Hybrid Scrapper. It started when Hummie called me that one day. And I guess it stuck with me. I am so excited to be able to have time for scrapbooking again. Its so much fun. And its me time. Last week I stumbled across a blog called pub calls and it list all types of contest and stuff its super cool. I am adding it to my links of course. While from there i found an other site called. Scrap The Moments. Which is a Message Board for scrappers. And so i joined and it just so happen they had a crop this weekend. And it was a BLAST. I haven’t had that much fun scrapbooking in a long time. The Best thing was they welcomed me in with open arms. Made some awesome comments about my layouts. And I even Won a Prize. Isn't that so cool. Oh and let me not to forget to mention i got so many layouts done. It was freaking insane. So with all that said :P These are my favorite ones from the weekend. I also updated my thumbnails up top to show my most recent ones from the weekend!


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  1. Yay Leti!! I am so glad you found us! We had a blast getting to know you and seeing your fabulous creations this past weekend!
    Angel =)

  2. So glad you had so much fun at the crop!

  3. Love love love the name hybridscrapper! It is a keeper for sure!