Saturday, March 18, 2006

I really love this Layout and these Photos of Nasser. I was so glad i finally found a place for thise and the perfect kit to go with it. I really enjoy Cheryl's Kits becuase they are simple and nice with out being over done. This is my middle child whom just turned 5 last week. He is such a nuckle head. I enjoy getting photos like this of him even if i have to let him be silly first. Whenever i try to actually pose a photo he makes a really funky squishy face. So we have to go through all the silliness if i want to get a good photo lol. Most of the time that happens when im taking a photo of someone else, he loves jumping in other photos lol


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  1. I love Nasser's smiles most of all. I LOVE to kiss this face!

  2. he is a child of many faces. please keep those kisses to a limit lol.