Tuesday, February 7, 2006

The Poem Reads: There's a Monster Out there you see.
It can be hidden inside you or me.

You needed a break you would not take it.
The baby was innocent why did you shake it.

What has this child done, to deserve this treatment?
How could you call yourself a mother, and then miss treat him?

This is a story that has to be told.
It's a nightmare you wish to never know.

On one evening or day, or even late at night.
Laid an innocent victim, with his eyes so bright.

He giggles and coos at the sight of you.
What a big grin come and play with him.

But not you no not you, you couldn't be bothered.
Just take a little time so they baby wont holler.

Oh mommy o please oh mommy oh please.
Won't you come spend some time and snuggle with me?

I need you, I love you, I'm tiny and cold.
You made me, I love you, I come from you mold.

Here you come, yes touch me, your hands they feel great.
Oh wait that's kind of tight, slow down, I need a break.

......Leticia Egea

Second Caption Reads: There is a Horrible Monster Out there Called Shaken Baby Syndrome.
You never want to know it. Recently one of my cousins or his wife, have
Fallen victims of this horrible monster. And there innocent child, now
suffers the consequence, because they did not reach out and get the help
They needed. Please don’t ever let this monster get inside you.

I’m thinking of you, I love you, Please be safe, Lord Watch over Him.
Deeply Concern for you Baby Rivera


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